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Holiday Hangers were Invented, Patented and are
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Holiday Hangers were from the beginning created with one thing always in mind. Simplicity. From your initial installation to the everyday use, this will be one of the easiest to use products that you have ever purchased. The initial Installation should take about 20 minutes and your everyday use will be a fraction of what it used to be to decorate for the holidays. Please view the Holiday Hanger Video or visit our photo gallery and get some ideas for other uses of our product as well.

Hang AllsNew Product Line Launched
Due to popular demand at the end of last years season Holiday Hangers has launched a new product line called "Hangalls." The new product line is the same seasonal product with a year round name and use. Many of the end users wanted the product for use on their patio covers, gazebos, and for hanging plants, ivy, bird houses, wind chimes, etc.

For this reason we have developed the "Hangalls" packaging so that the retailers that want to remove their holiday stock to their hardware isles after the season may do so and not have to worry about over purchases. This allows for year round sales.

Upon launching the new product line in May almost 50% of our sales that time have been "Hangalls."


Christopher A. Croisdale & Jeno Horvath

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